Grace, a 3yo Saanen from the livestock auction.  She is very friendly, but gets a bit greedy when the hay comes out. And now that she has just given birth to three adorable little doelings - food is even more important to her!

Gertie is a three year old Lamancha/Nubian goat.  She can be shy, but always stands up for herself at the feeder.  She is the mother of Cali, Cami and most recently her triplets, Franny, Freddie and Fiona!


Chai is an adorable little registered Nigerian-Dwarf that we bought to show.  She is small, agile, wily and fearless, and always ready for milking (that means grain!).  


Hazel is a little shy but she certainly makes her presence known with her incredible vocal chords.


Hershey is a registered Nubian goat that we bought for both showing and milking purposes.  She is shy and inquisitive, but gets along with the other goats and likes to be pet.  

Little ears

Pixie is a registered La Mancha goat, she is for milking and showing purposes.  She is super friendly and well-behaved.


Yup, the goat's name is Little ears, not very imaginative on our part but when Little ears and her sisters were born we didn't plan on keeping any of them, we just couldn't part with her though and the name stuck.  She is THE FRIENDLIEST GOAT EVER!!!

Zorro is our only male goat, he is a registered Nigerian Dwarf and he is going to make beautiful babies with our girls. 


Bacon is our very vocal American Guinea hog sow, an American heritage breed, they were favorites of homesteaders before big pink commercial pigs, she will only reach about 280 lbs whereas commercial pigs will reach 500-700 lbs.  We hope to breed Bacon and process her offspring.


Sausage is our second Guinea hog, he is 3 years old.  He's also Bacon's boyfriend and a real hunk too and over 300bs!


We plan to butcher our American Guinea hog piglets for meat as well as use them for sale and for breeding.

   The Chickens

We have a varity of breeds of chickens including; Red sex-linked laying hens, other assorted laying chickens, and many chickens we hatched ourselves which are a little bit of everything.

      The Ducks
Winston, Wendolyn, Willimina, and Winniefred

We hatch chicks year round to add to our laying flock.

The Turkeys

  We have a male, 3 females, and have hatched 5 ducklings since December.  The Muscovy is a great breed for meat and eggs, so we plan to use them for both.  The eggs are fantastic! 

We have hatched 3 turkeys so far and hope to breed more.  The first turkey we butchered was delicious!

Extended Family
Churro the Burro

Roscoe is our three-year-old boxer boy. We adopted him from the boxer rescue where we fell in love with him, now his crazy antics make our lives interesting.

We adopted Churro from the BLM in August of 2018 for a TIP event since then he has learned a lot and become a much-loved member of the family.


These girls are our latest endevor, Dexter cows.  They are good for meat and milk and we will be using them for both.  they are also  nice and petite, they max out at about 48 inches!