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All the animals on our farm have a purpose, some for meat, some for milk, some for eggs and a few have more than one job.  The animals are all treated like royalty and even those to be eaten have happy, healthy lives up until the moment they go.  Having animals can be hard work but we think it's all worth it to have not only farm fresh produce from our backyard, but also for the things we get to experience and learn.


Chai is an adorable little registered Nigerian-Dwarf that we bought to show.  She is small, agile, wily and fearless, and always ready for milking (that means grain!).  

Hazel is a little shy but she certainly makes her presence known with her incredible vocal chords.

       Bitsy & Patty

These girls are our American Guinea hog sows, an American heritage breed, they were favorites of homesteaders before big pink commercial pigs, they will only reach about 280 lbs whereas commercial pigs will reach 500-700 lbs.  We breed them to our boar, Sausage and process their grown offspring.


Sausage is our second Guinea hog, he is 5 years old.  He's also the boyfriend to our sows, and a real hunk too and almost 400bs!

   The Chickens

We have a variety of breeds of chickens including; Red sex-linked laying hens, other assorted laying chickens, and many chickens we hatched ourselves which are a little bit of everything.  They provide delicious eggs for the homestead.

      The Ducks

  We have several Muscovy ducks, that we have been breeding with great success.  The Muscovy is a great breed for meat and eggs, and we use them for both.  The eggs are fantastic, and the meat is great for the grill! 

Dexter Cows

These girls are our latest endeavor, Dexter cows.  They are good for meat and milk and we will be using them for both.  They are also  nice and petite, they max out at about 48 inches!  


We hatch chicks year round to add to our laying flock. They are adorable little fluff balls!  As well as raising a group of meat chickens for the freezer each year.

The Turkeys

We have just finished construction on the new turkey house and run.  Currently, we have eggs in the incubator and hope to be hatchching several turkeys soon. Fresh turkey from our backyard is delicious!


We have two BLM mustangs which we adopted and a thoroughbred mare, who came from a rescue.   Roxxy, Dude and Lady are a dream come true. We have always wanted horses and now, they can help us to get to all corners of our property.

Extended Family

Roscoe is our five-year-old boxer boy. We adopted him from the boxer rescue where we fell in love with him, now his crazy antics make our lives interesting.

Otis is our brand new boxer puppy!  He is just 8 weeks old and will be a wonderful, fun friend for Roscoe!

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