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Meet the Latest Additions!

Meet Lou and her mom, they are both Dexter cows. Dexter cows are a heritage breed from Ireland, they only reach about 4 ft at the shoulder when they are fully grown and they are super homestead friendly because of their great temperaments, petite size, low maintenance and easy breeding and calving. We will use them for their high butterfat milk and for their meat, which, according to many is better than wagyu beef!

Also contrary to everything we have said since we got rid of our last bucks, the confident "never agains" and firm reasons we repeated over and over of why we didn't want a buck on our property, the minute someone said "Do you want a free, registered, Nigerian Dwarf buck?" we of course said "Hey, why not?" so now we have another buck, and we are getting a weather to be his friend, and the weather comes with his mom, this should be fun. Sometimes I think the word "crazy" was invented just for us. Anyway we are so excited about the new arrivals and eager to start yet another homestead adventure.

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